Tongue Ulcer

Tongue ulcer

Many people are suffering from tongue ulcer problem.
First let us know what is tongue ulcer ?.Tongue ulcer is characterized by white colored lesions or ulcers on tongue. This white color lesion tongue ulcers are not severe type, but when the same white patches on the tongue changes into blood red then it is a severe tongue ulcer bleeding is also possible in this case. Tongue ulcers are also called as aphthous ulcer.

Tongue ulcer causes

Taking food not in time is also one important cause of tongue ulcer. Drinking excess of coffee and tea in such a manner the heat in coffee will cause damage to your tongue. Eating Hot stuffed food items can cause you ulcer under tongue especially food items containing rich amount chilies. Some people will not take breakfast when they are in diet this could also cause you the mouth and tongue ulcer. ulcer in stomach will cause you ulcer in tongue as well as in mouth. Drinking Alcohol and smoking will certainly bring you tongue ulcer.

Tongue ulcer symptoms

There is no distinguished symptoms to tongue ulcer. There are some common signs and symptoms that you will feel before you get the tongue ulcer. First sign is that your will find small bud like structures on your tongue 2-3 days before you get the tongue ulcer. You will also feel soreness in the tongue while you talk. Burning sensation under particular area tells you that your are going to suffer from tongue ulcer in next few days.  

Tongue ulcer treatment

The most effective treatment for this is to take B-complex tablets and vitamin tablets. Applying glycerin on the affected parts of tongue will heal the wounds quickly. But apart from this there are different home remedies for the treatment of tongue ulcer.

Home remedies tongue ulcer treatment

? Applying Butter on the lesions of tongue will certainly have effect at least from paining.

? Applying honey on mixed with peapul tree leaves and the roots will gets u cured from  tongue ulcer very quickly.

? Cleaning your mouth the salt mixed hot water will free your tongue from sticky nature and helps you to speak better.

? Applying milk of the banyan tree will heal the tongue ulcer in rapid time than any but it should be done in the morning and evening at least 2 days.

? Drinking a small amount of coconut oil will heal your stomach ulcer which in turn will heal your tongue and mouth ulcer.

? Eating papaya fruit will also have some effect.

Food to be taken when suffering from tongue ulcer

When a person gets affected with tongue ulcer then he should change the food items. He should not continue to take hot stuff foods and hot coffee or tea. in stead of tea, coffee he can take milk. Drinking butter milk can rapid up the processing of healing. Curd must be taken in the food which will give u some vitamin strength. Eating fruits like papaya, green banana and apple will cure quickly. Most importantly he should avoid wheat food items. Rice food item is good during those days of treating the tongue ulcer